Hello there! I'm here to try and help with whatever you could possibly need! Well, to some extent... Yeah, so, erm. Cool.


idek if any of the people i spoke to are still here anymore BUT if you are, my little angels, then add me on aim;stephhmu or you can message me on my personal or my indie rp blog ily all and if i ever come back to rph i’ll let you know :*

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"Some are born to it and it’s in their blood, but others… Others choose it. All you need is a reason."

Welcome to Havensdale Valley. We here pride ourselves on being a friendly, peaceful and picturesque little town. This is the perfect place to get away from any and all worries. After all, nothing bad ever happens here.

That is unless you count the numerous deadly and most feared supernatural creatures that walk alongside the oblivious inhabitants of this town.

Don’t worry too much; most of these ‘creatures’ have been living normal lives for years now. They decided that our humble human world is actually kind of great. Where else can you get a double cheeseburger at 3am? Of course there are those who don’t quite agree with that- those who hate and prey upon humans and it’s these creatures who must answer to those who have sworn to protect, those who strike fear into even the blackest of souls…

The Hunters.


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I’m not really here anymore, simply because I just see no point. If you want me or anything, you can find me here but I’ll try to get on here whenever!

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Perrie and Zayn have two matching bracelets, one sayingLove you to the moon and back" and the other one sayingFree spirit

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roseheightsrp asked - "Hello! We're a new Hotel RP set in New York, we'd love to get a few more apps so I was wondering if we could have a shoutot? X"
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@Harry_Styles: Note to self. Don’t ‘twerk’. +/+/+

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makorapreprp asked - "Hello. We were wondering if we could please get a shout-out. We are an academy roleplay for kids with supernatural abilities. “Every species fights their extinction. It’s only fair for us to know how to fight back.” Please apply and thank you. All we need is three more male apps before we can open! Have a nice day. :)"
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*tells 4 month old baby to shut the fuck up*

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thewritersarchive said: hi bby

hey hey charlaaaay

andyofrp said: i missed you

oh shh you 

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Leave a “HEY” in my ask box

and i’ll put my ipod on shuffle and tell you your life soundtrack.

Opening Credits: 
Waking Up: 
First Day At School: 
Falling In Love: 
Fight Song: 
Breaking Up: 
Life’s OK: 
Getting Back Together: 
Birth of Child:
Final Battle:
Death Scene: 
Funeral Song: 
End Credits:

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