Hello there! I'm here to try and help with whatever you could possibly need! Well, to some extent... Yeah, so, erm. Cool.



The person I was designated to make feel simply wonderful was Elly. Otherwise known as kstewrpc. So, hello there! I’m aware we haven’t spoken before and that all of this is almost indefinitely quite odd. But, for me this has been super fun! Just to see your responses to my messages and to think of some random things to write as well, I’ve just really enjoyed it. From your responses I’m hoping that you’ve smiled and that it was down to me, and that you continue to do so. I’m not really too sure what to write here if I’m being honest, I’m simply letting you know that it was in fact me. You’re truly wonderful and I get the feeling that you don’t consider yourself to be at all.

The truth is, you really are. I wouldn’t be saying it if I wasn’t telling the truth. I hope that eventually you realise that what you do for people is honestly awesome! Your graphics are literally perfect, you help more than a lot of people around here do and people know that. Lots of people do, other than the one person that should know it. You. You give so much to this community and I don’t think you get thanked enough. So, thank you. Thank you for being simply perfect and thank you for giving me the chance to tell you this in a different way. You’re amazeballs!

I love you.

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    I LOVE YOU SO MUCH YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW. Your messages were so amazing and I loved having you around. Thank you so much...
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